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Our Smiling Pit Bull Charm & Necklace Product Video

Alfred Martino charm necklace pit bull smiling pit bull sterling silver video

One of the challenges of starting, and running, your own company is that at many turns you have to be an expert is areas in which you have little experience. Just to name a few of those issues: Designing attractive products, taking better product photographs, understanding the backend of your website, figuring out which apps might help ease your workload, following social media trends, watching what other successful small businesses are doing that you can replicate. All of this is in the name of branding and, ultimately, selling more products.

This afternoon, I took on the task of putting together a short video highlighting two of our products--the Smiling Pit Bull Charm & Necklace and Smiling Pit Bull Earrings. First, I had to stage an area in my place where the lighting was okay and I could shoot a short raw video. Second, I had to teach myself the basics of Windows Movie Maker software and edit, as best I could, something that was presentable. Finally, I have to upload the video so that potential customers can view it and, at the very least, be charmed by my efforts.

The following video is the result.  (Be gentle...) 

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