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A Happy Dog With A Mustache Customer!

Alfred Martino customer necklace sitting pit bull sterling silver

As a business owner you don't always receive feedback for your products or service. And while increasing sales are an obvious way of knowing whether your company, products and staff are on the right track, often times it means even more to hear directly from a happy customer.


This customer was so happy with her Sitting Pit Bull Sterling Silver Pendant and Necklace that she send us photos of how the item looked on her. We think the necklace looks great, she looks great, and we're thrilled to have made her a happy customer!

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  • Georgia Neumayer on

    My sitting Pit Bull earrings arrived today and they are beautiful. The sitting Pit Bull necklace was so gorgeous, and looked so much like my Boo’s silhouette, I had to get the matching earrings. Thanks for what you do and God bless you.

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